Our profession as wine-growers


A large part of our work as wine-growers is manual, in particular on the plots of land which are steep where it is impossible to use any mechanical equipment.
The majority of the grape harvest is hand-picked so that the grapes are not damaged and are cared for from the beginning to the end of the process. In order to respect the environment and the wine, we promote sustainable agriculture.
Few chemical products are used and we leave the grass to grow naturally in our vineyards.
Ploughing, digging, harvesting and pruning….. we always have something to do in our vineyards. Keeping an eye on our vines is essential.

A family affair

We tend to our vineyards and produce our wine together as a family :

Roger Gaillard

From a wine-growing family, he created his domain in 1981 and has developed it ever since.

Véronique Gaillard

Her days are spent between working in the office doing administrative tasks and working in the vineyards.

Romain Gaillard

Graduated with a degree in “agri-food development and research”, he has decided to follow his passion.

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