Our Bourgone vineyards

The history of our wine estate

Roger Gaillard first created the domain in the village of Vergisson in Burgundy with1 hectare of Pouilly-Fuissé vineyards.

Over the years the estate has grown to a total of 11 hectares with vines in the villages of Davayé (Saint-Véran), Solutré (Pouilly-Fuissé), Charnay-Lès-Mâcon (Mâcon Villages), Vergisson (Pouilly-Fuissé), Chasselas (Saint-Véran) and Leynes (Beaujolais Villages).

A rich palette of wines

Working in the wine environment is like working with time. Our traditional wine-making process emphasises the characteristics of each vintage wine.

Our vineyard area is composed of numerous small-sized plots. They are spread out over the Mâcon region bringing different aromas and tastes to the wines depending on the soils and the exposure of the vines.

Our Pouilly-Fuissé vineyards thrive against the rock in Solutré and Vergisson, where the summers are very hot, producing a ripe, golden grape. Further down in the plain, our Saint-Véran vineyards enjoy slightly cooler temperatures. These different conditions bring diversity to the terroir and hence to the vines producing a multitude of flavours in our wines.

The soils are mainly composed of clay-limestone favouring liveliness and minerality in all of our wines.